"What an amazing transformation after my first treatment. I have always been an active women, but menopause really has seemed to change my body. No matter how many squats I did, or crunches, I could never seems to regain the "apple bottom" I once had. After hearing about the Brazillion butt lift, I inquired with Starr about the process. She took me through the process by explaining in detail how the lift worked, and I was certainly intrigued. I was so pleased to hear how that I could obtain my goals in a non- invasive way, in a few sessions.  I went for my first lift,  and we worked on my "top shelf", and was explained in detail how each 45 minute treatment would work to build the area. I was excited and nervous, but the process was comfortable, and Starr was very professional. I asked many questions about each step as the lift was being done, and every question was answered with detail through the 45 minutes. The machine was comfortable on my buttocks, and really felt like a massage as the treatment was being completed. 

My results on the very first treatment were unbelievable! There was no doubt that the work being done was exactly as explained, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  I am booked now to complete my "bottom shelf" and "hips" to give me that hour glass shape I truly have missed! Thank you Black Rose Beauty for the beginning of my transformation to a younger, firmer, accentuated bottom"!


Cynthia T  Age 51   Langford, BC

I recently visited black rose beauty and had a treatment done on my back to help treat oedema in my lower back from many sports related injuries over the years. I have been seeing a chiropractor 3 days a week for the past year to help with this but even with following all the steps to try and reduce the fluid it never seemed to go away. I received my first treatment and went to my chiropractor the following morning and he was shocked to see that the fluid buildup was COMPLETELY gone!! I have continued to receive these treatments and my back pain has decreased drastically!