This is a non-invasive 45 min procedure, that shapes, builds and lifts the buttocks. Starting with cellulite reduction, to build using what you have already in your body, we transfer the excess fat in your body towards the buttocks and using muscle stimulation, blood flow is directed to the desired area. The results are immediate, but recommend up to 6 sessions to get your desired lift.  Great for both women, and men. 

*Results may vary

What happens in the appointment?

We always start with a manual massage to prep your skin for the procedure

We use a cupping machine method to then prep each leg for 10 min on each side. The vibration of the cups breaks the fat sack and the suction of the cup bring it to the surface and re direct it to your buttocks where we can use it to build your shape for your desired goal

We then use our larger cups for the buttock area. This uses electromuscular stimulation (EMS) and infrared. The muscle stimulation activates all three major muscle groups which pulls the bloodflow into that area. The infrared heats the body from inside out causing the lymphatic system to work from head to toe. This process is 45 min, and the affects of the infrared last for 24 hrs after the procedure


What are the benefits?

      Supports the lumbar for better posture

      Activates blood flow 

      Secretes hormones for weight loss

      Tighten and rejuvenate skin

      Increased metabolism

How does it work?

The specifically designed cupping system can quickly improve the size and shape of the targeted area, without any downtime or health threat. It does not involve silicone injections or pushing and filling of any kind. 

The vaccum cupping technique can break and absorb fat particles and liquid, helping the blood flow and helping healthy cells to develop the targeted area.

The lymphatic massage helps expel toxins and purify the lymphatic system.

These procedures help stimulate the pituitary gland to produce hormones, enhance muscle tissue elasticity and fiber. It expedites fatty acid transformation, safely and effectively removes excess fat in targeted areas, improves leg shape and treats cellulite while detoxifying the skin for the perfect body contour.